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Worried About Christmas Party Selfies?

If you have got the best skin rejuvenation Staffordshire has to offer sorted out for Christmas, then you are on trend.

Christmas plastic surgery for people who want to look good at parties is on the rise, with many people pointing the finger at the rising ubiquitousness of selfies.

“For selfies with overhead lighting and holiday parties, the under eye really gets those dark circles accentuated, so that’s a big one,” Dr Dara Liotta, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon from New York explains.

People are booking in for both surgical and non-surgical procedures as their Christmas party diaries get fuller. Everything from dermal fillers through to breast augmentation is on the cards. Non-surgical procedures can lead to your face looking ‘permanently contoured’ as lumps and bumps are smoothed out to make the light hit your face in a more flattering way for those selfies.

This last minute treatment could lead to people having to stay indoors for a few days or weeks while their face heals, but not the way Dr Liott does it. She uses cannulas instead of needles to reduce the amount of swelling on the face.

And if you don’t feel like getting something done in time for the Christmas holidays? How about getting a treatment as a present? There has also been a rise in the number of daughters buying their mothers procedures as Christmas gifts, and sometimes accompanying them to appointments, Bravo TV reported.

Of course, it is recommended you make sure the patient is happy with the choice of practitioner.

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When Should You Consider Cosmetic Procedures?

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more commonplace, with people from all walks of life taking the decision to improve their appearance through these quick and non-invasive treatments, such as by having dermal fillers in Staffordshire.

But now one Australian cosmetic surgeon Steven Liew has suggested that starting with cosmetic procedures earlier in life is the way to go.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said that by having small “tweakments” from your 30s, you can avoid having to undergo something more drastic like a full facelift in your 50s.

He explained that, generally, we start to age when we’re in our 20s, so getting work done from your 30s onwards can ensure you keep that youthful glow and prevent the signs of ageing getting worse.

“If you get a little bit of work done a little earlier, you can actually prevent sagging and stop yourself having to get a facelift later,” he said.

Dr Liew added that the areas you target will vary as you get older, pointing out that for someone in their 30s he’d recommend some dermal fillers in the cheeks and around the corners of the lips to help them regain their 20s youth. And for those in their 40s, his suggestion is to target the temples and the cheeks.

Dermal fillers work by replenishing the hyaluronic acid that’s naturally lost from your skin as you age. Introducing new hyaluronic acid has a plumping and smoothing effect on the skin, as well as helping keep it moisturised from the inside out.

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Demand For ‘Scrotox’ Is On The Rise

Lots of women – and men – these days opt for wrinkle relaxing injections in Stoke to reduce the signs of ageing in their faces. However, have you heard of ‘scrotox’ – a new trend that has been taking the world by storm?

This involves having Botox injections in the scrotum to reduce sweating in the area, as well as softening wrinkles and making the body part appear bigger due to relaxing the muscles.

The procedure, which can cost £2,800, is growing in popularity, with dermatologic surgeon Jason Emer writing in the Cosmetic Surgery Times that “men are seeking their own type of rejuvenation”.

Botox has long been known to reduce sweating and many opt for the jabs in their armpits to prevent dreaded sweat patches on their clothes.

One such fan is Katie Price, who has previously admitted to having this procedure so she can continue to feel glamorous without worrying about armpit sweat.

When it comes to guys, Dr Leah Totton, a previous winner of BBC One’s Apprentice, told the Daily Mail they are becoming more conscious of their looks.

“Divorce rates are higher than ever and men, as much as women, are aware that appearance is a key factor when attracting a new partner,” she stated.

As well as scrotox, more men are opting for traditional Botox injections, with Dr Totton adding this can help them boost their career.

“By softening [their] expression, men appear less stressed, less angry and calmer,” she commented.

If you’re interested in wrinkle-relaxing injections, why not get in touch with us at Weston Cosmetic Clinic today?

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