Demand For ‘Scrotox’ Is On The Rise

Lots of women – and men – these days opt for wrinkle relaxing injections in Stoke to reduce the signs of ageing in their faces. However, have you heard of ‘scrotox’ – a new trend that has been taking the world by storm?

This involves having Botox injections in the scrotum to reduce sweating in the area, as well as softening wrinkles and making the body part appear bigger due to relaxing the muscles.

The procedure, which can cost £2,800, is growing in popularity, with dermatologic surgeon Jason Emer writing in the Cosmetic Surgery Times that “men are seeking their own type of rejuvenation”.

Botox has long been known to reduce sweating and many opt for the jabs in their armpits to prevent dreaded sweat patches on their clothes.

One such fan is Katie Price, who has previously admitted to having this procedure so she can continue to feel glamorous without worrying about armpit sweat.

When it comes to guys, Dr Leah Totton, a previous winner of BBC One’s Apprentice, told the Daily Mail they are becoming more conscious of their looks.

“Divorce rates are higher than ever and men, as much as women, are aware that appearance is a key factor when attracting a new partner,” she stated.

As well as scrotox, more men are opting for traditional Botox injections, with Dr Totton adding this can help them boost their career.

“By softening [their] expression, men appear less stressed, less angry and calmer,” she commented.

If you’re interested in wrinkle-relaxing injections, why not get in touch with us at Weston Cosmetic Clinic today?

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Have You Watched Body Fixers Yet?

When it comes to health and beauty, it often helps to have an outside perspective to see what other people think of your look or if there are any hints and tips you can glean from others to give your own beauty regime a boost.

There’s a new TV show that’s just started on E4 that aims to help people who have, as the producers of the programme put it, “extreme, shocking and downright hilarious beauty and hair fails”. Dubbed Body Fixers, the show aims to help these people fix their problems using a team of top young professionals.

The first episode aired a few weeks ago, with Beatrice needing some assistance after a home relaxing treatment actually melted her hair and Henry needing some emergency cosmetic surgery for his infected lips following a botched lip filler procedure.

We’re now on the third episode, which will see Charlotte opting for laser treatment to help clear up her extreme acne, Romani trying to cover up his premature balding and Simone opting for her first ever bikini wax.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s always comfortable viewing and it’s certainly eye-opening as to what can happen if you do go to a clinic or cosmetic surgeon who simply doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to carry out procedures correctly.

When looking into blue radiance peels in Staffordshire and other procedures like this, it’s vital that you do your research so you know the clinic you choose will be able to help you without causing you pain or suffering. Get in touch with us at Weston Cosmetic to find out more.

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September Predicted To Be Hottest In A Century!

They keep on saying it and each time we believe them a little less, but weather forecasters are now saying that this September is due to be the hottest we’ve seen in 100 years. They did say that we were supposed to have the hottest summer in a century and a four-week heatwave, neither of which really materialised, but we always cling to hope where hot weather is concerned, don’t we?

So with that in mind, you’d perhaps be wise to book in another laser hair removal appointment in Staffordshire so that you can strut your stuff without having to worry too much about your fuzzy legs glinting in the sun.

Temperatures of 28 degrees C have already been seen in the last few days, so perhaps there is a grain of truth in what the weather forecasters are now saying. Further spells of warm weather are expected to make an appearance throughout September, although these will be broken up by some cooler and weather weather as well.

“The outlook for the next month is for some periods of very hot weather, although there will be variations in between. These hot spells could be among the warmest seen for September during the past 100 years, probably within the top six warmest,” forecaster for WeatherAction Piers Corbyn was quoted by the Daily Express as saying.

It always pays to be prepared for hot weather, even if it doesn’t every really come to fruition, so book your laser hair removal appointments with us at Weston Cosmetic sooner rather than later just in case the sun does decide to continue showing its lovely face this month. An Indian summer is something we all look forward to – here’s hoping we get one this year!

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